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My Creative Billionaire 2(2)
Author: Ali Parker

"I can rock slinky. Hello." I lifted my eyebrow as she laughed again.

"I have no doubt." Her eyes moved toward the table beside me. "That picture is by far the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Has Erica seen it?"

I glanced down at it before gathering my things. "Um... no. I went up there and had a great weekend with her and then tucked tail and ran."

"Then go back and show her."

I turned my attention back to my stepmother. "I'm not sure she's going to want to see me."

"Maybe not right now, but she's definitely going to want to see the way you see her." She smiled. "That picture is filled with passion, strength and beauty."

"Good. That's exactly how I see her." I glanced toward the sky, lifting my chin and breathing in deeply. "I don't know why I'm being so stupid about all of this."

"You're scared. It's normal, typical and okay. Just move past it. Identify the fear and get past it. Love requires you to step out all the time, Matt. Even our love between us as new family members. Love and trust working hand in hand, but it's worth it in the end. Even if we have a fallout and things don't go as planned." She stood up and I put my full focus back on her. "We always have this moment, right? And that's so worth it to me."

"Maybe you're right." I moved toward her and offered her a quick hug before grabbing my stuff and walking to the house. "All right... I'll show it to her."

"Good. She's going to love it," she called after me as I walked into the house and made a beeline for the front door.

Martha was cooking something in the kitchen, and I almost stopped to ask for a to-go box, but I was watching my weight and from the smell of things... it wasn't weight-loss friendly.

"You leaving?" Martha leaned out of the kitchen as I turned and glanced over my shoulder from the front door.

"Yep. I'm supposed to be at Dad's office in an hour. I'm just going to head up there early."

"You want a to-go plate?" She smiled.

"What is that delicious smell? Tell me it's completely fat free."

"Pst. Not even close, boy." She stepped into the hall and wagged her finger at me. "What do you care about calories? You look great."

"Are you hitting on me, Martha?" I turned around and shook my ass a little.

"Not even close." She turned and disappeared back into the kitchen. "Food or no food?"

"No food, woman. Shit... I'm trying to watch my girlish figure here. Jeez." I opened the door and walked to my old beat up truck. It would be time to get something new soon. Maybe in Seattle. Almost as if I lived two different lives.

One where I was scared shitless of Erica Hall crushing my heart and the other where I dominated her completely.

Both seemed all too familiar.




"Dad?" I knocked on my father's door and leaned into his office.

He glanced up from his computer, the look on his face causing my asshole to clench. He was pissed about something.

"Get in here and close the door behind you." He glanced back down at his computer.

I walked in and glanced down at my t-shirt and jeans. Maybe dressing up would have been a better option, but it was too late now.

"What's got you upset? Something I did?" I dropped down in the seat in front of his desk, working hard to act like I was oblivious to the ass-chewing headed my way.

"Yes." He let out a long sigh and leaned back in his seat. "We're going into your brother's office in fifteen minutes for the call with Erica, who's missing..."

"Missing?" I sat up, my back rod-stiff, my heart almost stopping in my chest. "What do you mean-"

"As in she left the office a little while ago and hasn't come back. She's never been one to not leave a note with her secretary, Joan. She's upset and your brother says that it's your fault."

"Aww... fuck." I stood up and walked toward the window before turning to face him. "Do we really have to do this-"

"Yeah. We do. She's the best advertising agent I know, and she finally belongs to McKenzie and Bryant. Do you know how hard Damon and I worked to get her here? No, of course you don't, Matt." He stood up, his face shading pink. "I need you to fix this. Now. If you don't do it on the call today, you're flying your ass up there and making this right."

"Dad. This isn't something I can just fix. She's in love with me from what I gather."

"No shit, Sherlock."

"And I'm not rushing into anything."

"Two years is rushing? Not hardly." He picked up a few files. "If you don't fix this, then you'll be taking her spot as my new advertising director and working ninety plus hours a week." He walked to the door as bile rose up in my throat.

How the hell did Erica manage working in an office for that many hours a week? It sounded like a prison of sorts.

"Fine. I'll fly up there, but we're not doing this over the phone. It's personal. It's between me and her."

My dad opened the door and moved back. "No, you just made it between all of us. Fix it or your ass is mine."

I groaned and walked into the hall, wanting to throw a ten-year-old fit, and seriously considering it... why not act like a child?

I was being treated like one.



Chapter 2




I had to breathe. Just breathe.

My job, my life, everything was built around my career at M&B. I loved working for Kent and Damon, and both of them had been beyond good to me. To be the director of anything at twenty-eight was huge. I'd worked my ass off to get it, but they'd been more than generous in bestowing the title, the salary and the freedom that went with being in charge.

I refused to let something as stupid as another failed, almost-happened relationship mess that up. Matt wasn't suffering from the sound of things. Why should I be?

"Because I love him." I glanced up from staring at my hands and let my eyes move around the small park where I sat on a lone bench. The weather had turned cold, and damn if I'd forgotten my coat when I ran out of the office like a scalded child.

Damon wanted to talk about all the reasons why I shouldn't be upset with Matt, why we were so good together, but he was bias. His little brother had a shot at love, a sustaining, serious, abiding love, and he was fucking it up.

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